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We start with the basics and work our way up to cover all possible issues.

There are a wide array of devices used to test and diagnose electronic equipment.
Stocking various testing equipment has it’s perks when running into uncommon issues.


Once the culprit is found, it’s up to us to make sure the repair stays solid!

Repairs may require additional parts available only online.
We try our best to keep common repair items in stock.


Depending on the device, there may still be options for upgrades!

Most computers can be upgraded to support more memory doubling the speed!
Push sound systems to the limit with more power!




Malware & Virus removal, Network troubleshooting, Laptop LCD Display issues, Liquid Damage. Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, iOS

Smart Devices

Cracked screen replacement, power & button issues, water damage. iPhone, Galaxy, HTC, Moto, Pixel, Xperia, G5, Nexus, OnePlus, iOS, Android


Power & sound issues, hdmi, eeprom, pixelated image, capacitor replacements,


Radio, GPS, speakers, subwoofer installs, custom accessories, hids, & lighting equipment. We are an authorized Atomic LoudSpeakers Dealer!


Full interior cleaning, Clay bar, compound and waxing services


  • Is my promo voucher valid for this device?

    Please read carefully within the voucher you purchased, as only the devices listed there are valid for redemption.

  • Do you have my part in stock?

    Most iPhone parts are normally in stock, however this is a popular repair and availability may be limited. Please call to check availability for your device.

    All other makes are generally not stocked and have to be pre-ordered. Any ordered parts before 5pm EST can arrive same day or next day if after.  Please call to check availability of your device.

  • How long does the repair take?

    Upon an average day these are our estimated timings.
    Screen Replacement
    iPhone 4/4s – 25 minutes
    iPhone 5/5s – 15 minutes
    iPhone 6/6+ – 15 minutes
    iPad 2/3/4/Mini/Air- 45 minutes

    All other repairs require an appointment.
    Please call for availability.

  • Can I wait in for the repair?

    Yes, we have seating available to wait for repairs that are done same day.

  • Can you fix my cracked Television?

    Unfortunately, when your Televsion screen cracks or suffers physical damage to the screen, they are generally not repairable due to the high cost and difficulty of replacement parts. *However, Plasma assemblies have a higher chance of repair.

  • Are you pet friendly?

    As long as they are potty trained. Yes!

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